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Promotional Requests

Currently we are not accepting any request for the street crew promotions, sorry for any inconvenience. Once we start accepting requests again with proper qualifications we will post it here!
Thank you for your interest in promoting for GFS & wanting to join the GFS Street Crew Mob. One of our reps will be in touch with you as soon as we can. If there is a particular item you are interested in, please write it in the message box below. We have certain requirements in order to receive clothing and promote, although anyone can be part of our GFS Strong Mob, the requirements are in place for the GFS Street Crew. In regards to followers on social networks, and/or how many times you will be promoting/ shouting out us on your social media pages, in order to receive items for promotional use from us. We use these promotional items to expand our brand, and the movement. If you are truly interested, and think you may be the one to spread the GFS name in your hometown, and to your followers, you might be in! Just fill out the contact us form tab, and in messages let us know how many followers you have, how many times you post daily, and your page must not be private. Leave your social media names Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumbler etc. Whichever your will be promoting on. We are mostly interested in Instagram and Twitter. And of course you must be following us.

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